Time for change


Capital "P" for Punishment

I really shouldn't read the newspaper. There are just too many instances where our society gets kicked and our laws are too lax to kick back. One such incident comes to us from Amsterdam and the other from >France.

Mohammed Bouyeri, a Muslim extremist, was offended by a movie made by Theo van Gogh which showcased the inequalities faced by Muslim women. So what did he do? He shot (8 times), stabbed, and attempted to decapitate the film-maker in broad daylight. Then he used a hunting knife to pin on his body a 5-page note threatening congresswoman Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman who was involved with the film's production. In court, the accused denied himself a defense and even said he'd do it all over again if he could. To top the fiasco off, he begged for the death penalty, a feat that would have helped him become the religious martyr he hoped. So what did they do? They jailed him for life.

But even worse are our friends in France. (I'm shaking as I write this, I'm so angry.) 62 people were "convicted of raping, abusing or prostituting dozens of children following the discovery of a vast paedophile network in France." The worst part: most of those convicted were family members of the children they assaulted. The kids were abused in exchange for money, cigarettes, and even food in the poor French community, a fact that their defence tried to use to reduce the sentences. The age of the children ranged from six months to fourteen years. So what did they do? They jailed them.

If you didn't figure out where I was going with this when you read the title, you've probably figured it out now.

The incidences may not have happened in the merry ol' land of Canada but you can bet your last dollar it could. And what would we have done?

More importantly, what should we be doing?

I think you know where I stand.


All idiots are created equal

Kudos to the recent ordaining of nine women into the Roman Catholic Church. For too long have men held supreme entitlement to the rank of Idiot Templar in the Judeo-Christian religions and it's a breath of fresh air to hear indoctrinated babble come from a female's mouth.

Ah, it's a fine day indeed. The end of gender segregation in the Roma... pardon? What's that?
Four of the women became "priests" and five became "deacons," although the Vatican doesn't recognize such ordinations and could kick them out of the Church.

Oh, it was a 'secret' ceremony? I see.

It seems they can't do much of anything until they're recognized by the Vatican (the DeVry Institute of Idoltry) and it doesn't look like that's happening any time soon. Thanks for the token though.

I for one am glad to hear the silenced voices of women finally approaching the surface. I just wish they were fighting against, rather than adding to, the already deafening choir of false hope.


Tale of Two Nations

Canada vs. Britain. Remember my last post? Pull the blanket over your heads kiddies, it's all about control.


The world as suspect

Now that the transit cameras in London have captured photos of the people believed to be responsible for the recent bombings, it's only a matter of time before we have cameras lining every street, subway, and park here in Toronto.

One small step towards chasing ghosts, one giant leap for manufacturers of closed-circut television systems. Who needs privacy anyway? If everybody's in the open, no evil can happen. Right? Right?....

Because, let's face it. Why examine the issue at the heart of the matter when you can simply hard-wire cities to resemble maximum security prisons? Oh, I suppose that would make us inmates. Small price to pay though for the war against terrorism.

Remember when you were young and you'd pull the sheets over your head and pretend it protected you from harm? Yeah, same thing.


Racism = high blood sugar

Don't even get me started. This story reeks of idiocy, right down to its treatment by the Canadian judicial system.

Please don't promote hate. You're a mean person and for that you must give us, the Canadian government who was in no way affected by the crime, $1,000.

When citing why he received such a ridiculous fine (approximately one dollar for every brain cell inactive in Mr. Ahenakew's head), Judge Marty Irwin said it was to prevent him from becoming a "martyr." So instead, he remains an ignorant waste of space.

He even attempted to play his own race card and cited the personal oppression he faces as an aboriginal. "I am of course disappointed and at the same time very confused at what is justice and freedom in this country," he said. To understand the sheer ridiculousness of this, you'll need to see some of the things he actually said. They're too moronic to print here, so you'll have to read the article yourself.

But the best moment in the fiasco may have come at the native chief's attempt to blame his comments on- I kid you not- high blood sugar and feelings of illness from medication.

Take away his Order of Canada medal and beat him with it. He deserves nothing less.


Tom Cruise is an alien.

More precisely, he's a Thetan. He's an immortal being trapped on this world in a prison of MEST (Matter, Energy, Space, and Time). Seriously.

He's lucky he found the teachings of Scientology though, otherwise he'd never even realize he was immortal. And that would just suck. With the help of auditors around the world, Cruise is able to gradually unlock the painful memories trapped inside his "reactive" mind (called engrams). He needs to use an E-Meter to do it though, a highly-sophisticated lie-detector that measures changes in the body's state.

As he progresses, he will leave behind the reactive mind characteristic of trapped Thetans and begin to see the wisdom of ages contained within his "analytical" mind. When he is fully free, he'll be 'clear' of MEST and fully enlightened.

But Tom Cruise isn't alone. Besides all the normal folk out there realizing their true form through Scientology, celebrities like John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Priscilla Presley, and a host of others have hopped on too.

Good thing they're celebrities though, 'cause Scientology don't come cheap. That's because you have to pay to be audited, pay to take courses, and pay to be enlightened. I suppose that's a small price to pay for leaving the prison of humanity and realizing you're an immortal Thetan. Here's a list I obtained from a pamphlet on Scientology and Dianetics (the 'science' behind it):

12 1/2 hours Regular and Confessional Auditing 8,000
Purification Rundown 2,662
5 hours Clear Certainty Rundown 3,200
12 1/2 hours Clear Certainty Rundown 8,000
Sunshine Rundown 1,300
New Hubbard Solo Auditor Course, Part I 2,900
New Hubbard Solo Auditor Course, Part II 1,900
New Operating Thetan I 2,000
Operating Thetan II 3,900
Operating Thetan III 6,500
New OT IV OT Drug Rundown (per 12 1/2 hours) 9,000
New OT Audited NOTs (per 12 1/2 hours) 10,200
New OT VI Hubbard Solo NOTs Auditing Course 11,000
New OT VII Solo NOTs Auditing 3,000
plus 6 month segments for Case/Supervising 1,400
Power (Grades V and VA) Processing 15,300
Grade VI 3,700
Clearing Course 5,300
Introspection Rundown 16,000
New Vitality Rundown 13,800
Case Cracker Review 10,000
Student Booster Rundown 10,000
Doctorate Series Course for OTs 6,800
End of Endless OT III Rundown 3,980
L 10, L 11, L 12 Rundowns 12,500

(Note: Each L requires a minimum of 25 hours.)

I don't even know what half of it means, the pamphlet doesn't explain anything. What I do know, however, is that Tom Cruise is definitely nuts.