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Survey says: You deserve to be raped

On the 24th of November, I posted an article outlining a recent court ruling in Britain which stated that a woman under the influence of alcohol cannot legally determine whether or not she’s been raped. Since she’s too intoxicated to be in full control of her body, she really can’t blame somebody else for trying to take that control.

Like you, I thought that this ruling was an abnormality in Britain’s policy-making, a blip on the screen of justice and something to be made short work of in the English press. But it wasn’t. In fact, hearing the results of a 1,095-person survey about rape, it seems to be representative of the general population.

And that’s just scary.

Here are some of the typical responses as reported in today’s edition of the UK Daily Mail:

If the woman was wearing sexy or revealing clothing, 6pc said she was totally responsible and 20pc said she was partially responsible.

If it is known that the woman has many sexual partners, 8pc said she was totally responsible and 14pc said she was partially responsible.

If she is alone and walking in a dangerous or deserted area, 5pc said she was totally responsible and 17pc said she was partially responsible.

Totally responsible. Completely, absolutely, 100% at fault. She brought it on herself. Low-cut shirt? Sorry, you should have seen the rape coming. Too many sexual partners? Yeah, you probably want the rape. And don’t even get me started on that alley you walked into.

One third of those surveyed believe that a woman is either partially or fully responsible for being raped if she behaves in a flirtatious manner.

Something is horribly wrong with the world we live in. I can’t type any more.


  • I agree. This ruling is absolutely horrifying and completely absolves the rapist from his actions. What is more appalling is that men - teenage guys included - have no understanding of what "no" actually means; "I'm drunk" means NO, "I'm tired means NO" and Silence means NO. We've got a long way to go...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:50 a.m.  

  • There is indeed a long way to go. People need to realize that if pollsters are persuaded to keep on asking stupide questions they will keep on getting stupid answers. The stupidest thing of all ist to get seriously aroused by the stupid answers to teh stupid questions.

    By Blogger Budd Campbell, at 12:23 p.m.  

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