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Queso Fresco

Today’s story comes to us from Memphis, TN and involves an aspiring model named Jessica Sandy Booth. She’s 18. Today, Jessica went over to her friends’ house and saw that they had a block of uncut cocaine on the counter.

Now, since Jessica needed about $7,900 to pay a modeling agency, she thought it best to hire a hit man, have her friends killed, and steal the cocaine; definitely the moral high-ground. Unfortunately for Jessica though, the hit man she hired happened to be an undercover cop and her plan was averted.

But here’s the best part: the cocaine on her friends’ counter was actually a block of queso fresco cheese. The rather unattractive model thus attempted to have four of her friends killed for a bag of milky white cheese. She even told her supposed hit man that “any children old enough to testify would have to be killed as well.”

For the love of whatever god you pray to, please put in a request to have a special division of purgatory laid out for those humans too moronic to deserve the luxury of eternal damnation. And be sure to add the name Jessica Sandy Booth to the list of reservations.



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