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Man sues ABC over gay "Wife Swap"

From the cbc.ca website, "Jeffrey D. Bedford of Haileyville filed his $10,225,000 suit in Muskogee's U.S. District Court, claiming that ABC Television misled him by not sending a woman from a heterosexual family to his home."

Let me get this straight: Jeffery agrees to have his wife live with another man. In exchange for this, Jeff expects the other man's wife to come and live with him. This exchange, moreover, will be televised. When the other man's "wife" happens to be a man, Jeff gets his panties in a knot and sues for over $10 million.

You've really got to ask yourself here, what the hell was Jeff expecting? He agreed to go on television and swap spouses. He didn't like the one he received. Would he have complained if he thought his ‘new’ wife was overweight? Ugly? All this points, unfortunately, to one of two things: 1) Jeffrey Bedford agrees to humorously disrupt his marriage for the purposes of televised fun or; 2) he actually wanted to swap wives.

You see his predicament. He's seeking $10 million in part for public humiliation; does this not give the impression that he didn't quite think the televised swapping of wives was inherently funny in the first place? Did he think ABC was producing a documentary on polygamy?

Here’s the best part: “Bedford claims that when he conducted a Bible study for the Haileyville Baptist Church in his home, his gay ‘wife’ invited a gay group as well.” Wow.

If you're keeping track of an Idiot List, make sure you add Jeffery D. Bedford's name to it.



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