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How compatible are you with incest?

Now, not too often does one come across a story that is made even worse by the very media that seeks to cover it. Today’s tidbit of crap comes from Pueblo, Colorado where a 54-year old man was accused of incest and child pornography. He was also charged with video-taping people going to the washroom in his house. Oh, and this:

“Investigators also found an inflatable sheep dressed in fishnet stockings on Wurster's bed, according to his arrest affidavit.”

Sure, it’s all horrible and Richard William Wurster deserves to be hung, tarred, feathered, and beaten with a squirrel. What’s ironically even more depressing, however, is how the message gets articulated to the public. Below is a screenshot of the exact moment I read the article.

Check out the advertisement I outlined in red. It’s for some sort of online, Does it not seem a little sketchy to talk of this “sexual pervert” while at the same time effectively selling sex at the bottom of the screen? Does ABC, the producer of this website (http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/5382261/detail.html), not find this inherently self-contradictory?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe that’s the line we’ve drawn in the sand of sexual deviance: sex with kids and relatives bad, objectified sex with strangers good.


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