Time for change


All idiots are created equal

Kudos to the recent ordaining of nine women into the Roman Catholic Church. For too long have men held supreme entitlement to the rank of Idiot Templar in the Judeo-Christian religions and it's a breath of fresh air to hear indoctrinated babble come from a female's mouth.

Ah, it's a fine day indeed. The end of gender segregation in the Roma... pardon? What's that?
Four of the women became "priests" and five became "deacons," although the Vatican doesn't recognize such ordinations and could kick them out of the Church.

Oh, it was a 'secret' ceremony? I see.

It seems they can't do much of anything until they're recognized by the Vatican (the DeVry Institute of Idoltry) and it doesn't look like that's happening any time soon. Thanks for the token though.

I for one am glad to hear the silenced voices of women finally approaching the surface. I just wish they were fighting against, rather than adding to, the already deafening choir of false hope.


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