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What The Crap Is Wrong With Our Legal System?

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There truly isn't a shortage of idiots out there in the world. So if you happen to be keeping a list, please add the name of Albert George Muckle. He's a 25-year old "drifter" who pleaded guilty- and that's important- to the beating and sexual assault of a girl just out of her teens in Banff.

(Incidentally, the press has a way of making the crime seem far less horrible than it actually is. Their "beating and sexual assault" actually equates to strangling, attempting to kill, molesting, and leaving the woman unconscious and partially clothed in a park.)

He's in the news because he doesn't think he'll survive prison. Apparently Albert thinks the public should care that the rival gang members he's in prison with aren't going to invite him to their basketball games and tea parties.

Let's go over the facts again: Moron does terrible, terrible things to woman; woman is left in coma and is not expected to recover; moron gets caught (because remember, he didn't give himself in) and pleads guilty to the crime; moron refuses to be represented by a lawyer.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Bing, bang, boom; a quick win for the prosecution and a dangerous criminal off the streets, right? Right? Nope. On Thursday, the Crowne attorney asked for more time to examine documents from Albert's youth. Apparently they don't think a confessed maniac without legal representation isn't a sure-fire win so they're delaying the proceedings to find more evidence.

Albert's even willing to allow unlimited access because he's already been told by previous psychiatrists that the information isn't enough to declare him a dangerous offender.

What the crap is wrong with our legal system? This guy a) has previous psychiatric evaluation regarding dangerous offences; b) committed and pleaded guilty to the brutal attack and sexual assault of a woman; and c) refused legal defence. All that and they're still not sure he's a dangerous offender? They'll still delaying his trial? They'll still waiting for search warrants in order to get more documentation? All that and he'll still undergo a(nother) 60-day psychiatric evaluation?

The fact that Albert George Muckle committed this most awful crime is enough to make me sick. But the fact that our current legal system idly pushes paper while a 20-year old woman dies in a coma, well that's enough to make me cry.

There truly isn’t a shortage of idiots out there in the world. I just hate thinking that our legal system does more to keep them in operation than it does to put them away. To piss yourself off, read the story here.


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